Learn How Our Amazon Advertising Strategy Reduced Acos in Amazon for Our Client

Results we achieved

Learn How Our Amazon Advertising Strategy Reduced Acos in Amazon for Our Client


Conversion Rate Improvement


Total ACOS % decreased


CTR Improvement


We delivered higher conversion rates by reducing ACOS for Amazon marketing campaigns for a fast growing health & wellness brand. We improved conversion rates M-o-M from 1.31% to 4.3% delivering a 300 +% conversion rate increase.


A health & wellness brand approached us looking for higher conversion rates for their SKUs hosted on Amazon. They sought more sales at a very modest budget and were competing with large names in the health and wellness space with deep pockets and multiple ad campaigns.


Our initial strategy was auditing the ad account, during this audit, we found that the ad account was spending for the wrong keywords and we were appearing for the wrong search terms. The brand was focussing on extremely generic searches which they were competing against international brands with a strong existing foothold. Hence we focussed on more specific keyword searches and revamped the Amazon product pages to have a more clear description of the WHY behind the product clearly highlighting the USP’s of the product. This focus on intent driven searches combined with our marketing across influencer engagement, youtube advertising and Top of The Funnel Instagram advertising started bringing in more quality traffic. We also ran sponsored brand campaigns on Amazon which started driving more “brand keyword” searches on Amazon. Once we were able to drive high quality traffic and incremental traffic MoM, we focussed on a differential bidding strategy to start driving down CPC to get a reduced ACOS % and better profitability.

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