Learn About One of the Best Airport Marketing Campaigns in Dubai

Results we achieved

Driving Impressions for the closure of terminals at the Dubai airport


Total website visitors


Total website sessions


Impressions Created


We were able to generate over 12 Million impressions from a super targeted audience and over a million website visits during a 3 month period. We also got considerable feedback from the airport authorities that the awareness campaigns were extremely visible during the tenure of the campaign.


Dubai Airport needed support to run their awareness campaign about the closure of their terminals at the airport. Social Tribe helped to strategize what should be the awareness campaigns and what platforms and communication should be used. Social Tribe also advised on how Dubai Airports could use other channels like Email, Whatsapp and SMS to further drive more impact.


We created multiple marketing channels across Facebook, Instagram, Google Display, Youtube with very specific targeting that targeted people who were frequent fliers and were visiting international travel website. We also targeted relevant audiences from countries who travelled extensively to Dubai as well as neighbouring countries, zoning in on travel-related industries and C-Level executives. We tapped the audience who lives in UAE, and entered the interest of people those who prefer frequent travelling, and those who are Expats. We even implemented geo fenced ads at all the airports in the UAE so that people who were in the vicinity travelling from one destination to another would be able to see our ads. We also understood that for us to generate maximum value from the ads we needed to focus on multiple creative placements along with a communication funnel. For example, we created a communication funnel where if people watched a video about the terminal closure, then they would be remarketed another video that talked about what to do if you were flying out from Dubai and other informational videos. We’ve also retargeted the content engagers and website visitors to get maximum results. We also ran engagement campaigns with a minimal budget in order to increase engagement and thus retarget the same for video views and reach as well. The creatives which we used for the Reach Campaign worked wonders for us helping us convey the message clear and concisely. In particular the video for the NRR shuttle service built high engagement with the captions coming in the videos conveying the message in an engaging manner.

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