How We Delivered $52000 in Website Sales For La Marca

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Social Tribe managed the performance marketing mandate end-to-end delivering over $50,000 in website sales in an 8 month period. We were able to deliver a total of 85000 new users who spent an average session rate of 1:36 minutes making over 1100 transactions in an 8 month period.
How We Delivered $52000 in Website Sales For La Marca


La Marca is a manufacturer of fine Italian leather shoes and approached Social Tribe to help sell their wide range of SKUs to shoe lovers across the target geographies. Their target audience were not aware of their products or their sales and website traffic was at an all time low with no investments in ads or performance marketing made.


Since La Marca had a lot of SKU’s to choose from, we decided to run product ads that gave all the offers that we currently had on each of the products. Using this and our detailed market research for this niche, we were able to get a lot of visitors to the page. We also experimented with other types of ads formats (single image, carousel ads etc). Once we had a decent audience size, we then started with the remarketing campaigns. Once the remarketing was on, we just needed to focus on how we will convert people who already know our brand. We understood what the major markets were and then amplified in secondary tier markets. We then only focussed on Remarketing campaigns to drives Sales, while still having the top of the funnel for Branding and increasing market share. In our remarketing campaigns, we drove high ticket, but high discounted products. This helped us to have high ROAS and increase the overall ROI on the marketing spend.

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