How We Delivered 600% Increase in MQLs for Fintech SaaS

Results we achieved

$1M +

Growth in Revenue over 1 year


Total leads through SEO and Paid Search


Total increase in qualified leads Y-o-Y


We built a marketing funnel to optimise lead generation for a Fintech SaaS company and generated over 300 leads using SEO + Google Ads + Content Creation and LinkedIn Remarketing. The results of our marketing efforts were: – Increased leads from 0 to 77 in 6 months. Out of these 77 leads, 8 were classified as MQL’s which later converted – Increased the number of leads through Google (both SEO and paid search) to 300 from 126 during a 3 month period – Overall qualified leads increased by 150% YoY, we were able to generate leads from Africa and Asia which they did not receive before – Overall Sales increased by over 5 Mn + YoY, direct attribution to our marketing efforts was calculated at 1 Mn +


This Fintech SaaS company helped B2B customers with their accounting and tax software. The company reached out to Social Tribe to help deliver qualified leads via paid and search. This being a very competitive space drove us to analyse all marketing channels and devise a funnel that would improve Y-o-Y results.


After analyzing their product and understanding the customer journey, we understood that a lot of efforts would need to be executed across content marketing channels. Hence we revised their site architecture, worked on delivering 20 + blogs per month with the help of their content team as well we researched that SEO + Google Ads + Content Creation and LinkedIn Remarketing would be the best way to generate leads for them. We created and executed a content marketing and brand building strategy that would deliver higher qualified leads continuously over a year.

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