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Results we achieved

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How we generated improved website conversion rate


Increase in Bookings


Reduction on Cost Per Session


Decrease in Ad Spends


Increased Conversions from Online Campaigns by 15% Allowed Make My Trip to decrease their costs for ad spend by 30%


With 2Mn visitors per month, MMT is a leading OTA with heavy advertising spends on display. Their campaigns were bringing users to the website which were doing price comparison but not completing the transaction. This was resulting in high bounce rates & incomplete transaction which was affecting the revenue targets from display channel. The main reason behind this was that there was literal control that MMT had from the traffic that was coming from various display channel networks like Taboola, GDN and other referral websites. While there is only so much that can be done to control quality of first time traffic from these sources, our focus was to improve the convertibility of the high intent traffic on the website


HockeyCurve segmented MMT’s display target audience based on their behaviour/events on the website. Then, used dynamic creatives which showed personalized recommendations based on what the user had searched on in real time. Remarketing to high intent users with relevant deals improved the display performance. As you can see from the sample ad here, this was displayed to the visiting audience across multiple websites for hotels in the Vishakhapatnam space. This would highly improve convertability.
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