Learn How Our Marketing Strategy Helped Increase This Vegan Brands Revenue

Results we achieved

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How we generated over 300% increase in revenue


Increase in users


Increase in Revenue from Google Ads


Increase in Revenue


Increased Goodmylk Overall store Revenue by 4 X in 6 months Increased overall users by 9X Increased LTV by 50% Increased Revenue through Google Ads by 9x


Goodmylk left their previous agency Neil Patel Digital as they were unable to scale their ads continuously for months. They also observed they were getting extremely high bounce rates for the traffic coming in and no increase in MoM paid traffic. Goodmylk was already a leading brand in Bangalore and Mumbai in the non dairy/vegan alternative milk space due to the personal brand of the founder and the advantage they had at being one of the first to market in this space.


Goodmylk controlled the non dairy market share in Bangalore and Mumbai, to an extent. They needed to penetrate into the tier 2 markets while continuing to bring in profitability from their primary markets Initially, when Social Tribe came into the account, the structure of the Facebook Ads and Google Ads accounts was not optimized. We completely changed the account structure and were able to drive the increase in ROAS immediately as our ROAS went up from 2 to 4. Once the IoS update hit, it hit the account quite hard and we had to focus more on creative and content communication. We did not bother with the lack of ROAS in the Facebook accounts as long as the store revenue continued to increase. We helped the brand strategize its UGC content and Emailer campaigns which helped increase overall store revenue.

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