Bored From Working Remotely? Try These 13 Digital Marketing Online Courses

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress in every society in every family. – Kofi Annan


There is never a tomorrow when it comes to learning new things. As technology emerges and changes so rapidly, there is a necessity to learn and upskill on a daily basis. Whether anyone wants to obtain a job promotion or a side skill or even the idea to read and learn new things.

However, learning new skills can be time-consuming. As Josh Kaufman said, it takes 20 hours to go from knowing nothing about a particular subject to being pretty good at it.


For starters, anyone can start with a blog post on particular topics and cover the basics understanding of the course. However, if the motto is to gain complete knowledge and master the skills, then there are online business courses. 


Here are a few useful online courses that will help you to upskill to master it. These are a few primary business skills required for Digital Marketing. Please note that some courses are free, and some paid. 


Digital Marketing Courses: 


  • LinkedIn has an online course forum called inLeaning. They are free with the LinkedIn Gold Membership subscription. They charge INR 1400 per month or INR 900 per month if the subscription is yearly. After completing this course, the LinkedIn profile will get an update.


  • Udemy course, this is one of the best e-learning websites. These courses on digital marketing are between INR 350 to INR 500. They even have free courses. After completing the certification can be shared on LinkedIn profile.


  • Content Marketing Certification by HubSpot Academy. This course is free of cost. It will help to understand how repurposing, content creation, storytelling, and promotion process together.


  • Viral Marketing – This is also a free course available from a very reputed online eLearning website Coursera. This will give an insight into how, after getting viral, some products become successful while other flops. Also, this will help to be more effective at marketing brands, ideas or products.


  • Online Video Marketing Course by HubSpot Academy. Let us face the harsh reality or truth that people do not want to read anything. Video marketing ROI is much much higher than written content marketing. As per Hubspot, 81% of businesses are using video marketing. It is effortless and easy to understand. Most important, more information in less time. This course is also Free of cost.


  • Social Media Strategy – by Skillshare/Buffer. This course will focus on increasing website traffic, drive sales using social media channels.


  • Facebook Blueprint by Facebook. This is a Facebook eLearning platform. Just have to log in using Facebook details, and all the courses are free to take up.  


  • Flight School — Video Ads on Twitter on Twitter. Just like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, Twitter also has its eLearning platform where we can learn about marketing on Twitter, and this is free.   


  • Cold Email Masterclass by Mailshake. This is a webpage pdf type lesson. You do not have to log in, keep scrolling down and keep reading and finish the module. 


  • Google SkillShop by Google. Here we will find all the eLearning courses from Google marketing tools and Ads types, like google search, display, Youtube, Google Analytics and Google Ads. These certificates are valid for one year, so these need to be done on a yearly basis. Since every year, Google publishes their updates with search engine bots, it requires the marketers to know and understand the changes. 


  • Inbound Sales Certification by HubSpot Academy. This course will help to understand how we can make sales pipelines and close more leads. Like all online courses from HubSpot Academy, it is free of cost.



  • Free Online MBA by Smartly. Yes, it is correct, you read it correctly. It is free. Just have to sign in and complete a 10 months course and to receive an MBA degree from Quantic. Quantic is a new online business school that’s connecting a rigorous MBA education directly to positive career outcomes and a global alumni network.


As said by Leo Buscaglia “Change is the end result of all true learning.” Leaning is a continuous process, and it keeps on changing with time. Whatever may be the reason, due to lockdown or covid-19 pandemic, learning always provides a chance to grow forward. Learning has to have an overall impact and development for yourself and society. Share the learning.






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