8 CTAs That Actually Work for E-commerce & SaaS


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Running a Profitable business is hard, but do you know what makes it worthwhile?


It is making your target audience take relevant actions with your business that resonate with your Goals.


And that is what the majority of businesses miss out on. They launch great products, and they pour in dollars on the Ad Platforms to Market their products but all they face is a big loss.


One of the common mistakes in business is. They don’t communicate what they want their end user to do with their business.


So what is the fix? Call-To-Action (CTA), communicating clearly what the audience should do from your Marketing Campaigns.


What is called the “CTA” Call To Action?


In simple forms, CTA tells your customers what action they should take next, after getting awareness of your product/service with a genuine sense of urgency. 


CTA comes in the form of buttons or links that will be often found on websites and in Ad campaigns.


Benefits of using a CTA


CTA is the gateway to the customers that makes sure that your customers are moving in the right direction throughout each stage of the Buyer Funnel.


CTA helps to track potential customers’ data easily just through button clicks and link clicks. 


CTAs help achieve this by giving users solid action points to interact with your business, in the age where our attention span moves to rock bottom.


Types of CTA’s for different business purposes




Buy Now/Order- It triggers a user to make a transaction in order to purchase something instantly.


The most important CTA that brings in revenue to your E-commerce store is this CTA button. The payment will be collected and the order will be confirmed only after the user clicks on this particular CTA Button.


Shop Now The end goal is to sell, but we should provide users with the experience instead of rushing to take the user to a web page. In this case, “Shop Now” is the type of CTA that is direct, yet, the ad copy/creative does most of the selling.


Add to Cart- As opposed to a buy button or a buy now button, the add-to-cart button allows customers to save items to their cart so they can continue shopping, then complete the checkout process later on in the process, resulting in a more seamless customer experience.


Initiate Checkout-  This CTA calls a user to enter the details to complete their purchase. It includes getting the mobile number, Email, and Address of the customer.


Secondly, it enables users to select viable payment options, the most frequent ones are Debit/credit cards, Cash on delivery, UPI, and Paypal.


Initiate checkout can be the better place to upsell more relevant products since the customer has already shown some interest in the products.




Try Now- It encourages users to start a trial of the particular product, this act brings a powerful trigger called reciprocity, and it creates a habitual pattern for your product that people don’t want to stop using.


Get Started- This process makes your prospects buy your product and start using it. 


Sign up – The CTA is to get your target audience to take action—whether that means clicking through, signing up, or making a purchase.


Subscribe- This enables users to give their email or phone number to get regular updates through emails and newsletters about the topics that they subscribed to.









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