How to Create Call To Action’s : Ultimate Guide for Copywriters

If you’re a copywriter, it’s the detail that matters the most.

Very small gears of sales copy and marketing can often make the biggest difference in performance. One such detail is a Call-To-Action.


Learning what a call to action is and how to effectively use them will give a lift to any landing page, advertisement, or marketing strategy.


The call to action, or CTA for short, is one of the most vital components of great marketing material.


You come across way too many advertisements and websites that have no CTAs. That means they’re missing out on customers and revenue.


Don’t be one of them


Users may not know what to do next when there isn’t a clear call to action to guide them. 


This increases the chance of them leaving without purchasing a product, contacting you, or taking the next crucial step in a funnel.


There’s a book on user experience called ‘Don’t Make Me Think’. The main premise of the book was learning how to make web pages as effortless to navigate as possible.


That’s exactly what CTAs help achieve.


The user doesn’t have to think “Hmm, I wonder what I should do next.” because you’ve laid it out in front of them.


Is a call to action important?


Beyond doubt! There are many reasons why call to action are important for businesses.

Mainly, they can drastically improve metrics like click-through rates and conversion rates. This is because you are helping the customer take the next step within a sales funnel, even if it seems very obvious. You’re essentially doing the thinking for them. That will ultimately lead to driving more sales, acquiring clients, and similar results.


When to use a call to action

A call-to-action button should be used when the user needs to take the next step in a funnel.

Additionally, I recommend adding and optimizing a CTA on any page related to products, lead magnets, services, or similar.


Bottom line

Open endings are for movies, don’t let your brand get affected because of that, use a proper and informative CTA.




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