3 Proven Techniques To Optimize Your Facebook Ads.

It is not an unknown fact that Facebook ads optimization can benefit your company. Ad optimisation is crucial because it gives you maximum hit for the money you spend distributing your content. To do this, you need a strategy that will maximize your results. 


This article on Facebook Ad optimisation hacks will help you to understand three things:


      1. First, how to Optimize Audiences & Ads To Increase Results?
      2. How To Triple Facebook Ad ROAS & Scale Facebook Ad Results?
      3. How To Turn Results Back Around in eCommerce To Start Converting?


How to Optimize Audiences & Ads To Increase Results?


First, ask yourself what you want to optimize in a campaign. Then, fix a goal and start optimizing around that goal. The best way to optimize a campaign is to do different types of testing like A/B testing, creating a new Ad, or even adding a well-performing Ad into a Remarketing Campaign.


Always remember that whenever you optimize a campaign, always duplicate the Ad or use an existing Ad by Ad code. In that way, you can lock the collected pixel data. The best way to use A/B testing while optimizing your Ads is when those Ads are in the same Ad sets. Don’t use two different Ad sets for A/B testing.


If you have already run an A/B testing Ad with two different Ad Sets, how to fix it? And Why creating a new Ad is not the best solution?


If you create a new Ad, it will not have social proofs and interactions, which means that you will not have the Ad validation. The best way to move the Ad from an Ad Sets is by selecting “Use Existing Post” under “Ad setup”. This will create a new Ad inside the Ad sets with all the social proof. To do that,we have to create an Ad by using post ID.




How to automate the negative comments handling process?

It’s crucial to handle the negative comments because of it being visible and brand trust. People interact more with negative comments and see if the brand is responding to it to fix it. 


How to automate the process to hide and deal with negative comments?

      1. Go to your Facebook Page
      2. Under Setting go to General
      3. In General, go to Page Moderation Option
      4. You can add Keywords or Phrases     

Comments with those keywords will be hidden in the comment section. But Facebook will give you push notification to you and the person who posted the comment. This will allow you to handle the criticism without thinking that it will affect your Ad. It’s like helping your customer in the backend, and also helps you to maintain your Ad consistency.


How to Optimized Lookalike Audience:


Best way to optimize your Ad or to have an Ad setup is with more than one audience type.


How to create a new lookalikes audience list?

  1. Keep your customers or the contact details of your potential customers.
  2. Upload it to Custom Audience and then create a lookalikes audience with 1% size range.


Whenever you create a lookalikes audience, keep in mind to exclude the Custom Audience from the Ad targeting group. In that, you are only targeting the new people. If you don’t eliminate them in the long run, you will end up spending more on that Ad Set.


How To Triple Facebook Ad ROAS & Scale Facebook Ad Results?


The best way to scale and improve your ROAS – Return On Ad Spend in your Facebook Ad Campaign is to optimize it. It helps you to spend less money and more income by reducing cost per result. To improve your ROAS which will be directly proportional to your Ad scaling, you need to find out what is your best ROAS.


How to find out the best Cost per Result?

Take a look into your Ad sets and find out which are the best 2-3 performing Ad sets with reasonable cost per Result. Then, find the average of it, and that will be the best CPR for that Campaign.


Before making any changes like pausing the Ad sets with high Cost per Result, analyze those Ad Sets. You can do that by checking the date range from Lifetime to last seven days or three days. It will help you understand which Ad Sets have had a higher cost per Result in recent history. 


Sometimes when you check the recent history, like the last 3 or 7 days, the cost per Result will be much lower than its Lifetime or a Month timeline. This is because that Ad set freshly started generating results and conversion. In that case, don’t pause those Ad sets, because they are developing conversion now and giving results. 


How to optimize the worst-performing Ad Sets? 

There is a hack; select the Campaign and directly jump to Ad level. Sort all the Ads in that Campaign with the Best Results order. By doing that, you will figure out which Ad content is best performing content in that campaign. Then, use the same content in your worst-performing Ad Sets. 



Now you have two scenarios in front of you. First, you already have that Ad content running in your worst-performing Ad Sets. So, in this scenario, pause all other Ads with other content and ONLY run that particular Ad with high performing Ad content.

Secondly, if you don’t have that Ad content, here you have to put an extra effort to add that Ad to your Ad sets level.

The second thing you can do at your Ad sets level is to pause all those Ad sets which do not have any Results.


How to scale the Campaign?

Select the best-performing Ad sets and incense the Set Daily Budget by 20% of your daily budget is $50 or more. If it is less, go with a 50% increase in the daily budget. 

To select the best performing Ad sets, go back to find out the best Cost per Result Ad sets in that campaign. Check the result after seven days; if it does not perform accordingly, you can drop the daily budget spending.


Facebook Ad eCommerce Results | 4X to 20X ROAS – How To Turn Results Back Around To Start Converting


Facebook Multi-product ads platform, which integrates with Instagram, gives you the ability to show a product in multiple ways. Multi-Product Ads help your customers with more options to choose from and buy.


How to optimize an eCommerce business to get better ROAS?

It is crucial to have your ad Impression high to have a high purchase rate, which will give you a low cost per purchase. The best solution is to keep the Ad impression high to keep many creative ready for your Ad. 

If you focus only on one location with a high daily budget and limited audience reach, then it’s obvious to get your targeted audience saturated with only one or two Ad creatives. However, if you have multiple creatives and multiple products, then it will help with new Ads. It will also help in retargeting the audience who have already purchased from you.


If you do not have Ad variation ready with you, you can test with your old Ads that performed well in the past. But those old Ads have to be from the same products. Then, change the Ad copy according to the new campaign requirements.


Can we use the same Ad copy with different creatives?

It is proven that these are two different factors for Ads, one is Ad Copy and second the Creatives. So the answer is Yes, you can. If you have an excellent Ad copy which is proven by A/B testing that it’s driving sales, then use that Ad copy with different creatives. Only catch here is to change the Ad copy keyword according to the creatives.


How to decide to target only Facebook or Instagram Audience?

The solution to this is, most of the people see the ads on Facebook, but they complete the purchase on Instagram. To do that, , you have to target and use both the platform placement and the same target audience. Also, when Facebook algorithm systems are optimizing, and if it doesn’t have enough opportunity in Instagram, then it will automatically target the audience on Facebook to get the additional purchases. 



Another question to ask is, When to use Facebook Database which has details on target audience. Where Facebook targets its audience depending on their purchase history records from Shopify. There are no correct times to use it; start using these data types from the being itself.



Facebook ad optimization is a continuous process of trial and error. This is also not an easy process. Yes, it will help you in saving your money, and also, this will save you a significant amount of time and resources in the long term. It is just a brief on what you can do and gain insights into how well your Facebook Ads perform. These three topics will help you establish an excellent foundation for Ad analysis and Optimization. Then, you can build your optimization strategy based on the specific needs of your business.





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