How To Get More Leads Through Facebook Ads?

In the last blog, we discussed a few critical topics on Facebook Ads like optimizing and testing Facebook Ads, retargeting campaigns and testing audience lookalikes. Now, let’s consider two more topics on Facebook Ads. The first topic is the importance of using Lead Generation campaign type if your main goal is to generate Leads from Ads, and the second topic is Facebook Carousel Ad. These two topics are very essential to understand, and anyone using Facebook Ad will be very much familiar with these topics. However, sometimes we ignore and forget easy things to look after. Facebook Campaigns using Lead Generation Ads has an average conversion rate of 12.54%. On the other hand, Campaigns using Landing Pages to generate leads have an average conversion rate of 10.47%. On the second topic, As per the study done by Social Media Lab and Agorapulse, it is proven that carousel ads perform 13% better than single image Ads in terms of conversion rate.


How to get more Facebook leads by switching from traffic/landing page views to lead conversion?


When the objective is to generate leads using Facebook Ads campaigns, it is always better to go with the Lead Generation campaign goal. Leads from Facebook Ads are always cheaper, but it is less qualified. So what is the best way to generate leads from Facebook Ads? 


The answer to this is to try out a Landing page or Website traffic campaign first for testing purposes  over the course of 7 days. After getting the results, that audience can be the target for the Lead generation with custom and lookalike audiences. Keep in mind that this has to be only for testing purposes. 


When there is an audience list, it is always recommended to run a lead generation campaign, not landing page or a website traffic campaign. Running a landing page or a website traffic campaign will still help to generate leads. However, with lead generation campaigns, Facebook algorithms will help to find more accurate and better leads.


How to create a lead generation campaign from an already existing campaign like Website Traffic or Landing Page campaign?


You have to create a duplicate campaign from the Ad sets level. Select the Ad sets which are already running in Website Visit or Landing Page View campaigns. Duplicate them and add them to a new campaign, with objective Lead Generation. In that new Lead Generation campaign, Select Conversion for the campaign as Lead. So now you will pay to Facebook only when you get a lead rather than for link clicks. 


Six simple optimization to do to get good reach and conversion:


      • Automatic advance matching:

In simple words, it is a feature in which Facebook pixel understands your audience or leads to target a particular audience to generate higher conversion. Every time someone becomes Lead in your Facebook, it will search for the same audience match to target new lookalike audiences.


      • Remove the interest-based target:

It is targeting where you show your Facebook ads to people interested in specific subjects. Since Facebook buys this information for other companies, they charge more for this targeting.


      • Always Use Automatic placement:

It all depends on the objective you choose when you create your campaign, your ads can appear on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. Ads Manager groups placements by how people experience your ads across platforms. In Lead Generating camping or any campaign, if you select Automatic Placement, Facebook does not charge for impressions on placements at different platforms. It will only charge you when you get a lead from that impression.


      • Optimization and Delivery

When your goal is to generate more and more leads from Facebook Ad, always use Conversions not Leading Page Views. So this will allow the Facebook algorithm to find leads for you who will convert.


      • Conversion Window:

A Conversion Window is a time frame selected by Facebook algorithm to learn and optimize automatically. The Ad learns from the data it receives within that time frame and optimizes your ad delivery to find the best audience. It is a best practice to select a seven day click attribution. This allows Facebook algorithms to optimize based on seven days of data. If you select the option “7 days Click or one-day view” then Facebook optimizes its algorithm only based on one day’s data. 


      • Lookalike Audience:

Always create a secondary campaign for Lead Generation after seven days. Create and target lookalike audiences, and it will help to reach some of the most valuable audiences on Facebook.


Tips To Create Carousel Ads For eCommerce Facebook Ads That Convert.


It’s essential to understand what campaign to go for in e-commerce. Depending on your goal for the business, it’s vital if you set up your target audience with Interest-Based Targeting. And the best way is to have each interest-based as different Ad sets. 


What is the best Potential Reach?


Always keep a high potential-reach audience. By doing that you have enough time to scale your audience. Also, you will get more options if you want to do a more detailed targeting after the initial seven days of Ad with the collected information and data analysis from the last seven days. It also helps you in retargeting.


Why has one Ad set targeting only one interest?


By doing this, it will be easier for you to understand which interest the audience is performing better. It will segment data, and you can easily find out where the purchases are coming from.


How to make an eCommerce carousel? 


A Facebook carousel Ads get more content into a smaller space. You can feature ten unique images with different headlines, descriptions, and URLs within the same story. It is always recommended to use carousel Ads for eCommerce Facebook Ads. These are few do’s when you think of eCommerce carousel Ads:

      1. Use the ad only for only one product with different images and creatives. By this, you are not confusing the customer with various pictures of different products.
      2. Keep it consistent, like product color and background. One attention-grabbing picture in a carousel, which will force the customer to take the next step to see the next image in the carousel.
      3. Use the product page URL Ad the landing page for the Ad.
      4. Avoid using your home page or category page URL in the ads.
      5. Always use the product name as the carousel headline, and in the description, you use reviews or headlight your service like free shipping or offers.
      6. Always use the last picture of the carousel ads on e-commerce sites as the See More link which will take you to the product category page.
      7. Select a straightforward CTA button for e-commerce ads. 


How to decide how much and which texts to use in the carousel Ad for an e-commerce site?


When you have different categories to sell from with various products in each category, it is crucial to decide what description text you plan to use. To decide on that best-texted way is to do the AB testing on description text on ad level. You can try long and short descriptions. Run the Ads for seven days and then do an analysis which Ad is getting more results. Based on that analysis, you can duplicate and optimize that Ad set or Ad. Do remember that do not over-optimize any Ad, if so you will not be able to understand what works best for your Ads. 


Another best possible use of Carousel Ads is that you can show your audience how to use your product?


Since we can use ten images in a carousel ad, it can be used as a mini product demonstration platform. This can be done by using infographics. It is also a good practice to show some products in action.



Use the Ads to tell your product stories!


Product stories represent the different scenarios of the product. While telling a story focused on a single-use rather than all situations. It helps to showcase the product stories in a beautiful, engaging way. A good carousel ad with a good product story can increase orders up to by 4X.



Campaign set up and optimization is a process of natural learning. With time and with your experiments with creatives, you will learn new ways to optimize your Ads. In the end, it’s so much work to get everything perfect enough to build a Facebook Ad. You can read more on Facebook Ads tips in our other blog topics. Also, comment on what things do on this topic. We will be happy to get any feedback and to hear from you all. Also, if you need any help with Facebook, Ads feel free to reach out to us for knowledgeable consultant and build successful marketing strategies.






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