The Age Of Google Ads Part 1

First question. 

Okay, so are you considering investing in ads online to reach your target audience? 

If the answer is no.. then if you read further you will be convinced you have to start immediately.

And if the answer is yes, then you better invest in the right place, a place which has somewhere over 200 million visitors on a daily basis and close 4 billion interactions. 

If you are wondering which is that place.. It is none other than Google. 

Google Ads is google’s own advertising platform. At some point or other, all of us have clicked on a google ad. 

Now, since you are looking to spend money on digital advertising, let us tell you, the more precise and powerful your ad campaigns are, your rewards will be more. By more we mean, at least five times more to what you are investing.You want to know how? Let us dive into the technicalities. 

What do you mean by google ads? 

Google owns its own advertising platform and it is called google ads. Advertising using google adwords falls under the digital marketing category called PPC( Paid per click). Basically, whenever an ad shows up, and somebody clicks on it, only then the advertiser will be charged. 

By posting google ads, one can improve website traffic, increase conversions and improve brand awareness while they are searching for products like yours. 

Each ad has a call to action. It is similar to an objective but works in a different way. Suppose your aim to receive more phone calls to the desired number, you can do that. On the other hand, if you aim to increase the footfall to your store, you can have that as well. And if your goal is to make people buy from your website, that can be done too. 

How does google do this? 

Let’s say you are searching for a product on google search, based on your location and preferences google ads will provide you with options on your search engine results page(SERP). 

These ads can be cross targeted on other platforms in the same family like youtube and google display. There is also no necessity that you need to post the ads throughout. You can pause them and start them whenever you want. If your targeting is done correctly, the more money you invest, the better outcomes you receive. 

The idea of rewards may drive you to start posting these ads but unless you have thorough knowledge of the tool, we believe you shouldn’t do it. 

You should have a solid understanding of the keyword research and avoid having large generic terms. What happens is, then google will show your ads to people without any relevance thus losing your money. Lockdown on the keyword strategy, then you will start seeing results. Analyse the ads which are working and try to implement the same on others. 

The relevance of the ad is also another important factor you need to watch out for. The keywords you have identified needs to be resonating with the headline and the ad copy. Constant optimisation of the ads is a must and like Warren Buffet wisely stated “don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You can run multiple ads in one campaign, split the money and see what is working. Try to use the responsive search ads feature. 

So if you are new to google ads, before you start investing you need to learn a few terms. 

      • AdRank
      • Bidding
      • Campaign Type
      • Click-Through Rate
      • Conversion Rate
      • Display Network
      • Ad Extensions
      • Keywords
      • PPC
      • Quality Score

Understanding these terms will help you post your ads better. We will be talking about these in our next article. 



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