Tips on Facebook Ad Audience Overlap and First Time Impression Ratio

As we mentioned in our previous blog on the topics “ How to get more Facebook leads and Tips To Create Carousel Ads For eCommerce.” Now, let’s focus on two more topics on Facebook Ads. The first topic will be Tips on Facebook Ad Audience Overlap and First Time Impression Ratio. Where we will discuss what, why and how to optimize your ads based on these Facebook Ad matrices. The second topic is tips on retargeting campaigns. Just keep in mind that retargeting has to be very specific and hyper-focused if you want to drive any kind of conversions.


What is Auction overlap?

In Facebook Ad campaigns, an auction overlap is when you have multiple ads that are eligible for the same auction. This is caused by audience overlap between Ad sets in the same account.


How does  auction overlap impact your campaign performance?

When you have two or more ads running from your Ad account with the same ad auction, Facebook chooses the ad with the highest total value to compete. As a result, the other ads from the same Facebook Ad account are not considered in this auction. This ensures that your ads will not bid against one another. This helps in preventing an ad set from spending its full budget. When your ad is in the learning phase, the delivery checks for the best way to deliver your ad set. If it finds too much auction overlap across your campaign which typically results in less predictable performance.


How to control Auction Overlap?

In the Auction overlap option, you can click on the URL and it will show the Ad sets which are overlapping with each other. You will even get a visual representation of when these Ad sets overlapped and at what percentage it is overlapping in your selected timeline. Any overlap of more than 20% is not recommended. To stop the overlap, exclude overlapping Ad sets audiences from the current Ad sets audience.


What is the first impression on Facebook Ads?

Impressions is the number of times your ads from the ad set were viewed in a given day. First Time Impression Ratio: This is the percentage of impressions coming from people seeing your ad from the selected ad set on a given day for the first time.


How to control the first impression ratio?

You can exclude a few specific audiences from those Ad sets. Those audiences are: website visitors and ad engagement. By doing that your ads will show only to the new audiences all the time. The benefit of this is that the Ad frequency will not go high. Since every time the Ad will be shown to the new people. You can even create and add new audiences and exclude the current audience.



Few tips on a retargeting campaigns:


How to start a retargeting campaign?

If you are retargeting for a product and you want to increase your sales then go with Conversion as the campaign objective for the Ad. Create a custom audience from your recent website visitors and save it. After that, create a lookalike with 1% lookalikes conversion from that custom audience and use that lookalike as the primary audience for Targeting remarketing ads. Also, don’t forget to exclude the custom audience you just catered. In short, we create a custom audience to create a lookalike audience from it for remarketing targeting. 


What is the best way to create lookalike audiences from a custom audience?

If you have a video on your website, then target 3-second video views of the last 90 days. That will give you a big enough bucket for your custom audience and from it, lookalike audiences. For website visitors, while creating a custom audience keep in mind to keep to the day range as 180 days to all website visitors. Why 180, just like 3 second video view, this will give you a enough audience to create a lookalike audiences list from it. 


When you are targeting the lookalikes audience, remove the detailed targeting expansion option. You don’t need it for retargeting. It is essential because it is essential to have a particular retargeting ad. If it’s possible, then design creatives only for your retargeting campaign, because you don’t want to show the same ads again and again to the audience.


How often does the Custom audience get updated? 

The answer to it is the custom audience itself. Okay, let me explain. When you create the custom audience from your Facebook Audience, while creating it, you select a random number of how many days back data you want. Take an example as you select a 30 days website visitors audience. So the custom audience will get refreshed every 30 days. 


So the catch here is if you don’t have a great audience list you are still in the building process to get more leads. Create a custom audience with less number of days. Like, view Content in the past – 14 days or even you go as low as 7 days. So it will keep populating the custom audience list on short intervals. And if you have created a lookalike audience from it, it will implement the process for it too.


When to scale the retargeting campaign ads? 

If you have a particular target to achieve, then wait for the correct 48 hours. If the retargeting is not working or their productivity is less, then 80% of your expectations. Then pause it. And do a brainstorming to find another way for retargeting.


How to get an idea of what creatives are working well for you and your competitors?

When you are doing your retargeting check how your creatives are performing and then compare it with your competitor’s ads, now, check which Ad is active from the most extended duration of time. That means that particular ad or creative is the proven one, and it is working for your competitor. Now to check or spy on your competitor, you have a took from Facebook, i.e. Facebook Ad library. Just type in the competitor name and it will show you the list of Ads which are active and running. It will give you all the details about the Ad related to the ad copy and creative.



Facebook Ad optimization is rigorous and needs constant attention with lots of trial and error methods involved in it. It is a never-ending process with each stage you get to know and learn your audiences. These two topics will help you establish an excellent foundation for Ad strategies, analysis and optimization.




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