Learn 4 steps to do Keyword Research for your website

So, everybody is probably aware of what search engine optimization is and how keyword research plays an important role. But really, do you? 


Identifying the best keywords and most frequently searched phrases plays a huge role in search engine optimization. Let us talk about our goal first, we need traffic that comes onto our website, yes! But random traffic does not help us. We need to create customer personas and based on previous interactions and other data, we need our target audience to come onto our site. But it is not as easy as it sounds. In order to make this happen, we need to think like our users, we need to be them. We have to identify the most powerful keywords out there to communicate and engage with our users. It will take time, it is a continuous process, but in the end it is totally worth it. 


Let us set the fundamentals right.. 


What on digital earth do we call a keyword? 


In the digital world, a keyword is known as a search term. It is a word that resonates with the content on your page. We enter this keyword into the search engine and we get results based on what we enter. 

Now onto more important things.. 


What is keyword research?


Keyword research is basically identifying the best keywords that you wish to rank your page for. We have to understand what the user is searching for and then apply this to the content we are creating. After identifying multiple keywords, we have to compare them to find out which will work out and is also more profitable.


It’s going to get trickier from here..


The importance of Keyword research in SEO


Let’s say you are venturing into online marketing and you have created a new website. You are expecting to drive traffic, increase sales and conversions and in the process improve the ROI. Fair enough. None of this will happen if you are not aware what keywords the users are searching for. On top of that, your website will also not rank where it should be for users to find them. This puts you in a compromising position. 


Enter Keyword research.


We will help you improve your keyword game. 


Step 1: Think like your user. 


It is often claimed that, when a cop wants to arrest a criminal, they think like them, think about their next move. We feel this applies across most industries. Put yourself in their shoes and ask what you will search for if you want something. Practice this methodology and use their vision to give them your products. Ask around, as your team, your family and friends to see what kind of keywords they use to search. 


Step 2: Competition analysis. 


Understand what your competition is doing, what are the keywords they have employed? It goes a long way. Initially look at the ads, then browse down to see what is the organic content that has popped up. 


Step 3: The intent


Everytime you search for something, there is an intent. Identify that. Use it. When you understand the intent, google will aid you and push your content because it is more suited to what the user is searching for. 


Step 4: Keyword research tools.


There are a lot of keyword research tools out there which will help you pick out the best and most powerful keywords and phrases people are looking for. Understanding the keywords will help you rank higher than the competition and that is not a bad place to be. 


If you perform these exercises on a regular basis, your website will rank on the initial pages for sure. 





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